Lansing Christian Pre-K 4
Mrs. Oostman
Mrs. Oostman
September 4-6, 2019

Dear Parents,

The big day has finally arrived!!  We are ready to start school.  Please know that we will pray (and have been praying) for your child, and we ask that you do the same for us as we work and learn together.  

These first couple of days are ones of finding our way around in our classroom, the hallways we need, and the playground, working through the day’s routine, and getting to know each other better.  Our mornings are when the majority of our academics happen and those mornings are full – and gone before we know it! If your child is a full day student, afternoons are full as well with a story, nap or stations and snack.

The boys and girls might not take papers home to show you every day, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t do anything or learn anything. Much of our curriculum is hands-on and stays in the classroom.  Some of it our cumulative projects that we work on all year including a special activity with alphabet letters that we do every week and our handwriting books.  Often our Bible stories are made into booklets, as will be the case with our first unit on creation.  Some art activities and paintings are for our bulletin boards and hallways.  Be sure to visit when you can, and check the walls outside our room where a lot of our work will be displayed.

Encourage your child to talk about their day at school.  Your child should not answer “nothing” to your question, “What happened at school?  What did you learn?”  Family conversation is so important!  Children learn to speak in complete sentences, practice new vocabulary, improve grammar, and sequence events of the day in their minds and orally.  Your child, and the family as a whole, will learn to take turns listening and talking, and will understand that what others say is important.  God is a God of language.  He uses words and His Word to communicate to us, and He gave that gift to people.  As we strive to reflect Him and have Him touch every area of our lives, we should treasure language and develop that as we speak to one another.

This is a look at our week ahead:


LETTER:  We begin the alphabet in two weeks with letter Aa.

LANGUAGE ARTS: We will read The Happy Bee and coordinate some activities with this literature. 

SIGHT WORD:  none this week

MATH:  We will start specific numbers soon, and will also cover the concepts of “front/back”, “first/next/last”.

COLOR: begins next week

SHAPE:  begins next week

BIBLE:  Unit I starts next week! We will see how God created all things out of nothing.  He made order out of chaos. He just spoke and things came into existence.  God gave us a wonderful world! 

BIBLE MEMORY:  Next week we will begin Genesis 1:1, 31.

SHOW-and-TELL:  This officially begins next week as well, but we will use our “apple” homework for the next couple of days as we introduce ourselves, and learn more about each other.

Wishing you a great rest of the week, and thanking you for your support, 
Mrs. Oostman